20 Great Traditional Festivals in Europe – Part 2

You’ve already checked out part one of our top 20 traditional festivals, now find out about everything from traditional Croatian music to Slovenian costume drama in part two.

11.Sing Up a Storm in Croatia

Visit the Klapa music festival in medieval Omiš from 29 June-21 July to see groups of singers compete in this highly expressive a cappella. Check out the Cetina canyon while you’re there for kayaking, ziplining, and rafting.

12.Enjoy Truffles in Croatia

The Subotina festival, Buzet will be making an enormous omelette from 2018 eggs and 10kg of truffles. The event celebrates the area’s heritage, with artisans showing their wares across cobbled streets.

13.Embrace the Ukulele in the Czech Republic

From 28-29 July the Czech Ukulele festival will be in full swing at Unetice, near Prague. Beyond the music, you can enjoy straight-from-the-brewery-tap beer.

14. Enjoy Wine in the Czech Republic

Beer isn’t the only top Czech drink. The annual Pálava wine harvest provides a fine excuse to sample more refined tipples. On Sunday, King Wenceslas IV and his entourage will proceed through the town centre in full royal regalia.

15.View Viking Re-Enactments in UK

No need to go abroad for traditional European festivals. The Largs Viking Festival takes place from 1 – 9 September right here in North Ayrshire. It’s like travelling back to a Viking village for the week.

16. Enjoy Devon Culture in the UK

The Widecombe Fair in Widecombe-in-the-Moor, Devon takes place on 11 September. The gorgeous sheltered valley hosts everything from morris dancing competitions to hawking. You’ll also see vintage cars, terrier-racing, and the Dartmoor Hill Pony Display Team.

17. See a Giant Union in Belgium

The La Ducasse d’Ath, in Ath, Wallonia showcases a procession of seven giants from 24 August-8 September. It’s a 700-year-old festival celebrating the marriage of the biblical Goliath and his fight with David.

18. See Costume Drama in Slovenia

Kamnik’s Dnevi Narodnih Noš is happening from 7-9 September. Expect a parade of elaborate floats and carriages and lavish costumes at this gateway to the Alps. By the way, this is the beer capital of Slovenia, with six award-winning microbreweries.

19. Get Medieval in Sweden

Visby, Gotland is the place to watch knights joust on galloping horses from 5-12 August. The entire island steps back in time, and there are more than 500 events across seven days.

20. Feel Midsummer Madness in Denmark

The Sankt Hans festival at Skagen, Jutland rounds out our list on 23 June. The sun barely sets at this northernmost tip of Denmark during this time of the year. It’s a great place for bonfires and dancing on the beach at Skagen, where one grand bonfire is lit with a straw witch figure on top.