Go large or go small, this is the question? No, it’s not the server in your favourite fast food restaurant asking you this. Many people will have already planned their festival schedule many months ahead and booked the appropriate days off work well in advance to avoid any last minute dramas with their shift pattern.

One thing is for sure, is that the tickets for any decent festival will sell out quickly, so you have to make haste, get the credit card ready and get it booked!

We know that Glastonbury tickets can be like gold dust and the 100,000 plus tickets get snapped up in no time at all. At the other end of the scale the few hundred tickets available sold out in 24 hours of release for the 2019 Moonbeams Folk Festival, a very friendly intimate gathering, held in the Wold Top Brewery and adjoining fields, high on the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds.

Of course, the larger festivals can bring in the bigger, most current names and there will be much more choice in what you can choose to listen to, but also the ancillary events that go with it. (Latitude, for example, has comedy and theatre running alongside the main music festival). A wider range of food and beverage outlets, craft stalls, fortune- tellers and no end of health and fitness gurus to help you be at one with yourself and turn your body into a temple following on from the excesses of the day before.

However, the smaller more intimate festivals may not be able to land the hottest and current acts but they can make up for that with a more relaxed and friendlier experience. There is also the fact that you can get more up close and personal with the acts and it is not uncommon for those acts to be standing beside you enjoying someone else’s performance in another marquee before or after their own set.

Whether you decide to go large or small, good forward planning is essential and as previously mentioned to be quick off the mark to secure your tickets. There are a plethora of festivals happening throughout Europe to cover all musical genres, so decide with your partners and friends which ones to visit, secure that wristband on and start making some brilliant memories.

Fabulous Food Festivals for 2019

Whoever came up with the idea of combining a festival with food was an absolute genius. Who doesn’t love a good food festival? We’ve brought together some of our top events coming up in 2019 for all you foodies out there.

Abergavenny Food Festival

The meeting ground for chefs, farmers and food businesses to come together and create a delicious opportunity for people to learn about all things food related. Created in 1999, this festival has hosted some of the top food heavyweights, including Jamie Oliver and Valentine Warner. Each year over 30,000 visitors gather in this small welsh town ready to take on a full weekend of foodie activities, you don’t want to miss this!

September 21st – 22nd



Taste of London

Held in Regent’s Park, this festival is the ultimate foodie’s paradise. The place to indulge in the best food, drink and live entertainment that London has to offer. Every year, 50,000 people flock to this summer feast, where you even have the opportunity to pick up new cooking skills from world-class chefs.

June 19th – 23rd



The Food Fest

The clue is in the title, this is THE food festival of the year. Demonstrating the best of Kent’s local farmer markets, breweries and vineyards, this festival is packed with activities that are great for the whole family!

June 1st -2nd



Pub in The Park

Are you a foodie fanatic and a music lover? Then this is the perfect summer event for you. Combining dishes created by some of the world’s best chefs and live music from headliners including the Kaiser Chiefs and Gabrielle, Pub in The Park has it all. The food fest takes place across 6 different locations between May and September this year.



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The 2019 International Motor Show held at Palexpo in Geneva was an interesting event for a few reasons. One reason is that big name brands such as Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo were not present. Its no secret that JLR after several years of growth are having a challenging time at present, but would that not be even more reason to remind the world what a fantastic range of cars they have in their portfolio?

There were plenty of Supercars and Hyper-cars to look at, some of which will maybe never be driven much but will end of in the private collection of the uber-rich. One such car was the absolutely stunning Bugatti La Voiture Noire. If you are an admirer of the supercar then this beautiful creation will cost you around 9.5 million pounds plus local taxes.

Something else that was very prominent was the hybrid or fully electric car. Volvo may have been one of the pioneers of this and certainly Elon Musk has probably done much to bring the electric car into the public conscientiousness, but now everyone is trying to get in on the act. Manufacturers are working hard to overcome ‘range anxiety’ which isn’t such a problem in the more eco friendly progressive areas such as Scandinavia, Scotland and Switzerland where they have been ahead of the game in installing electric charging points.

With many cars claiming to have upwards of 200 miles before needing recharging and fast charging becoming more and more available at motorway service stations this should soon become the remedy to any ‘range anxiety’.

The Audi E-Tron was an interesting car for a few reasons but particularly the ‘side mirrors’ camera option. I got to sit in it and with small rear facing cameras replacing conventional side mirrors and a small video screen built into the driver’s door this was getting very interesting, but might take a bit of getting used to where to focus your eyes on.

If you are a bit of a petrol head then the Geneva Car Show is always worth a visit, but better still if you can get your favourite dealership to arrange a visit to the preview days then you just put on the VIP wristband or lanyard and spend a whole day going round all the exhibits without all the crowds.

Happy Motoring!



We’re now into Spring which means sooner or later we will have a new member of the royal family! So the question is….. blue or pink?

Learning the gender of a baby is a very exciting moment for any family, especially the new parents-to-be. In recent years the gender revealing process has become increasingly more creative. So, we’ve found some exciting gender reveal ideas that we want to share with you all.

  1. Gender reveal boxes:
    These have become one of the most popular gender reveal ideas. For this, you take a large box and fill it with either pink or blue balloons. When you open the box, the balloons will fly out to reveal the gender of your baby. (Make sure you have someone double-check that the right colour is used).
  2. Gender reveal party poppers:
    Party poppers are a fun way to get all of your family and friends involved in the baby gender reveal. Everyone grabs a party popper and pops it at the same time to reveal pink or blue confetti. Not sure I would want to be the one to clean up the mess afterwards!Gender reveal football:
  3. Gender reveal football:
    This one is a real game changer (excuse the pun). If you’re a sports fan, you can buy balls for virtually any sport you like filled with bright pink or blue powder that will explode on impact. You can kick a football or hit a cricket ball to reveal a big cloud of blue or pink powder.
  4. Gender reveal bath bombs:
    Slightly less adventurous but a very cute idea – fill a clear plastic tub with water (you could even add a rubber duck on top), then just add a colour-changing bath bomb to the water to reveal your baby’s gender to your friends and family.
  5. Gender reveal cake:
    Most people enjoy eating cake during times of celebration.  Why not get a gender reveal cake? It’s a cost-effective option because it also serves as food for your guests. You can also save money by making a cake yourself. Then just add blue or pink food colouring to cake batter and frost the outside of the cake with a gender-neutral colour like white or yellow.
  6. Gender reveal wristbands:
    Celebrate the arrival of your baby with the addition of It’s a Girl/Boy wristbands! You could then keep them as a little keepsake. Wristbands can be fully customisable, you can choose from silicone, fabric or paper ranges to welcome your new arrival.

Are you planning a baby shower for a friend or family member? Or maybe you’re thinking of throwing a gender reveal event yourself. These kinds of parties are fun for everyone involved! Check out the variety of wristbands on offer at https://jc-leisure.com/

Easter Events!

I’m sure most people will agree with me when I say that age is completely irrelevant when it comes to chocolate. Easter is the best time of year for chocolate indulgence and the UK is packed with chocolate focused Easter events for the whole family to enjoy!


Easter Adventure Quest

When? Sat 6 – Sun 28 April 2019

Where? Scarborough Castle

Why not take part in the hunt for dragon eggs this Easter? Help crack the clues as you and your family follow the trail through Scarborough Castle. Courageous adventurers who track down the egg will get a certificate and a sticker to prove it, and of course there’ll be a chocolate treat too!


York Chocolate Festival

When? 18th -22nd April

Where? Parliament Street & Shambles – York

Yes you heard it, a chocolate festival! Rowntree’s created Kit Kat, Aero and Terry’s Chocolate Orange in the beautiful town of York. This makes it a perfect location to host a chocolate festival this Easter. There are lots of events to attend, such as tastings, craft chocolate demonstrations and plenty of chocolate to eat.


Easter Eggventure

When? April 20th

Where? Skipton Castle

Join the Easter egg hunt by following clues around the wood surrounding Skipton Castle. On your way don’t forget to collect your chocolate treats! A fun day out for all the family.


Cadbury Egg Hunt

When? 19th-22nd April

Where? Abbey West Green, North Yorkshire

Pick up your trail paper and follow along to learn all about nests, feathers and the life of birds! A lovely day out for the family and there’s also a chocolate prize up for grabs.


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Virtual Reality – The Future of Live Events?

Virtual reality is having a real impact on the event industry. The last few years have seen an explosion of VR into the mainstream, which means we can now experience all the joys of live music from the comfort of our own living rooms, the true ‘best seat in the house’.

You might be asking, what makes VR so special? Why can’t we just watch this on TV?

These live streaming events allow you to be completely absorbed in the concert, a full 360 experience. A place where you can access your favourite artist without the hindrances of such things like queuing for a drink or back row seats.

Some may argue that technology can never fully replicate a live concert, which to some extent holds true. The sensory experience, with a wristband placed tightly on your wrist, the sweaty venue and deafening screams from the person behind you, this can only truly be appreciated right there.

Venues such as the 02, NEC and Alexandra Palace are some of the first to hold live stream concerts. This can be watched by fans through the Melody VR app where you can even choose your place in the crowd for 15% off the original ticket price. So, if you’re a Kasabian, Post Malone or Niall Horan fan (just to name a few) then this could be a great option if you miss out on tickets for the next tour!

Futurelands, the world’s first VR festival launched last year. With four hours of live entertainment spread across the virtual festival grounds. I can imagine this was absolutely mind-blowing.

So, who knows what the future holds for VR? Immersive technologies appear to have a unique ability to drive a deeper connection with the audience, which will no doubt make a huge impact on the event scene in the future.

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Summer Holidays 2018 Activities

Looking for ways to keep your kids happy and entertained this summer? No problem – there’s a wide range of activities to suit all ages going on across the capital.

Dinosaurs in the Wild

Kids love dinosaurs, and now they get a chance to see them in the flesh at this immersive experience. Using dramatic storytelling, seasoned actors, stunning graphics, and impressive animatronics, guests will be transported back to the prehistoric land of dinosaurs. Find this activity just a few minutes’ walk from North Greenwich underground station.

Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground

Need to find a place in Central London where your young ones can blow off a little steam? Just try the wonderful Diana Princess of Wales Memorial Playground. Featuring everything from a Peter Pan-inspired giant wooden pirate ship to a real tepee, it’s the perfect place for imaginative kids to burn off some of youth’s boundless energy.

Tooting Bec Lido

There are plenty of lido pools across London, but Tooting Bec is probably the pick of the litter. Emerge from its traditional brightly coloured changing rooms to take a dip in one of the UK’s largest outdoor pools. There’s plenty of room to splash around, but keep in mind that it does get a tad crowded during peak times.

Battersea Power of Summer

The famous power station is livening up London’s summer by presenting a slew of kid-friendly activities. Just a few gems from their programme include a design your own frisbee session, a boat making workshop, and free interactive storytelling. There’s also an imaginative playground running every Thursday to Sunday from July 21 to August 27.

Spitalfields City Farm

This urban farm is just moments from Brick Lane. Get a touch of the countryside in the middle of the city by meeting goats, sheep, donkeys, and more. There’s also gardens with an assortment of flowers and veggies.

Scoop: The Wonderful World of Ice Cream

Ice cream is always going to be a favourite for kids young and old, so head to this Willy-Wonka style pop-up. It features charming vintage equipment, including Victorian ice cream moulds and a huge collection of historic ice cream paraphernalia.

Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery at the Science Museum

The Science Museum is probably already on your list of London summer activities, and it’s better than ever thanks to this new interactive gallery. Find over 50 imaginative exhibits, including friction slides, blowing mist, and a colour room.

44 Big Events in Wales for Summer 2018 that Must Go in Your Diary – Part 3

You’ve already had parts one and two of our top summer activities in Wales. Here’s the final chapter.

  1. Solarsphere

A small, family-friendly star camp holds talks about the cosmos and provides a rich variety of music at Builth Wells from Friday, August 10 to Monday, August 13.

  1. Anglesey Agricultural Show

Featuring everything from animals and livestock to equestrian events and a food hall, the show comes to Mona Showfround, Anglesey on Tuesday, August 14 and Wednesday, August 15.

  1. Pembrokeshire Agricultural Show

Those in the south can enjoy their own agricultural show at Pembrokeshire County Showground from Tuesday, August 14 to Thursday, August 16.

  1. Green Man

One of the UK’s biggest festivals will host The War On Drugs, Fleet Foxes, Teenage Fanclub, and more at Glanusk Estate, Crickhowell from Thursday, August 16 to Sunday, August 19.

  1. Castell Roc

This slightly more intimate music festival comes to Chepstow Castle from Thursday, August 16 to Sunday, August 19.

  1. The Summer Feastival

Enjoy tempting treats from street food traders like Meat & Greek and Brother Thai. Running over four weekends in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff from Friday, August 17 to Sunday, September 9.

  1. Cardigan River and Food Festival

Another one for foodies, the Cardigan River and Food Festival reaches its 20th year at Quay Street car park on Saturday, August 18.

  1. Race The Train!

This unique annual cross country running event sees runners attempting to beat the steam train of a preserved Talyllyn Railway over a distance of 14 miles at Rheilffordd Talyllyn Railway on Saturday, August 18.

  1. Taste of Monmouthshire

Enjoy boutique food and drink from Monmouthshire and neighbouring counties on Saturday, August 18 and Sunday, August 19.

  1. The Midnight Gang

An alfresco family theatre performance of The Midnight Gang, based on the book by David Walliams. Introduce your little ones to the theatre at Carew Castle and Tidal Mill on Tuesday, August 21.

  1. Pride Cymru

Celebrate diversity and equality and enjoy the Pride Cymru Parade in Cardiff city centre from Friday, August 24 to Sunday, August 26.

  1. Rhyl Air Show

A must-see if you love air displays, this action-packed event is heading to Rhyl Promenade from Saturday, August 25 to Monday, August 27.

  1. Music in The Park

Headlined by X Factor star Lloyd Macey, this aims to be the biggest open-air music party in Rhondda Cynon Taf. Join in at Rhondda Heritage Park from Saturday, August 25 to Monday, August 27.

  1. Extreme Sailing Series

Watch GC32 catamarans fly along at speeds of up to 39 knots at Cardiff Bay from Friday, August 24 to Monday, August 27.

Summer Holidays 2018 Activities: Kid-Friendly Guide to London Museums

Nobody ever said keeping the kids entertained through the holidays is easy, but you have a whole host of museums in London that are up to the challenge. For a great day out that captures your kid’s interest while also expanding their mind, check out the following cultural hotspots.

Science Museum

A perennial favourite among younger visitors, the Science Museum can fuel your little Einstein with plenty of interactive exhibits. They can immerse themselves in the new world at the IMAX cinema’s 3D shows, take to the air in the cockpit of a jet in the Fly 360 simulator, or visit interactive galleries like The Wonderlan for the Chemistry Bar, Friction Slides, and Colour Room.

Natural History Museum

If you ask your kids what they’d most like to see at a London museum, they’ll probably put dinosaurs pretty high on the list. Head to the Natural History Museum for a slice of the Jurassic world. You can see extinct creatures from dinosaurs to dodos, but that’s not all. There’s also the Earthquake Simulator for adventurous kids and Andy’s Clock from the CBeebies show Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures.


If you want to inspire some creativity, try the V&A. There’s everything from hat-making workshops to keep them active to Pop-Up Performances to keep them entertained. There’s even family workshops that are led by a real artist or designer.

British Museum

The British Museum is hard to ignore if you’re looking for kid-friendly attractions. Few children turn away from the macabre fascination of the museum’s famous Egyptian mummies, and older kids will appreciate exhibits taken from throughout the ancient world. Family events include manga comic workshops, shadow puppet workshops, and more.

Tate Modern

The Tate Modern’s Start display aims to introduce kids to the big questions that get the artistic mind ticking. Check out their Family Map for a look at interactive artworks. You can even get stuck in at the 8-14s Studio, a free monthly workshop where artists create group activities inspired by how they themselves work.

Museum of London

Transport your kids back hundreds of years in mock Victorian streets and Saxon homes, give them goose bumps by checking out explorations of London’s sewer system, or explore times ravished by war, plague and, fire. If you want to find out about the toys of times past, try the specially designed exhibition in the Museum of London’s World City gallery.

Leeds Fest 2018 Featured Artists

Leeds Festival 2018 will begin on Friday 24 August and run through to Sunday 26. As ever, attendees can expect a wide range of world-class talent, including these featured artists:

  • Fall Out Boy
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • Panic! At the Disco
  • Kings of Leon

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy’s ‘Young And Menace’ has been nominated for a 2017 MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video, and their 7th studio album ‘M A N   I A’ – released January 19, 2018 – debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart. You might remember the hits singles ‘Champion’ and ‘Hold Me Tight Or Don’t.’ This GRAMMY-nominated band has become one of the biggest and best known in the world, and we’re thrilled to see them performing live at this year’s Leeds Festival.

Kendrick Lamar

Growing up in Compton, California and releasing his first mixtape (Y.H.N.I.C.) at the age of just 16, Kendrick Lamar has risen to become one of the biggest names in music. His projects have included Training Day, No Sleep Till NYC, The Kendrick Lamar EP, and most recently The Kendrick Lamar OD, and he’s also released multiple tracks as part of Black Hippy with Jay Rock, Schoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul. Now working with such acts as Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, and The Game, Kendrick’s fusion of ability and humour always make for a top show.

Panic! At the Disco

Fronted by Brendon Urie, Panic! At the Disco is a Grammy-nominated, award-winning, internationally acclaimed rock band. Their fifth-studio album, ‘Death Of A Bachelor’, debuted No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Chart and their single ‘Victorious’ debuted at No. 1 on iTunes Top Songs, iTunes Alternative Songs, Billboard + Twitter’s Trending 140 charts just hours after its release. It was even nominated for “Best Rock Album” at the 2017 Grammys. Urie himself has recently taken to the stage as a cast member in the critically acclaimed Broadway hit Kinky Boots.

Kings of Leon

Ever since their debut in 2003, Kings of Leon have sold over 21 million albums and over 38 million singles worldwide. A multi-platinum selling band famous for their exceptional live performances, Kings of Leon has landed all seven of their studio albums on Billboard’s 200 list. They’re expected to be one of the biggest drawers and most popular crowd-pleasers at this year’s Leeds Fest.