Face Masks – The New Fashion Accessory?

The need for wearing face masks or face coverings has been widely debated as we move through the Covid-19 pandemic. But now, thanks to evolving science and a better understanding of exactly how face masks protect us, most health officials seem to finally be on the same page, recommending that people wear a cloth face covering to cover their nose and mouth when venturing into a community setting.


Could face masks become a new trend?


It’s not at all uncommon to be an asymptomatic carrier of coronavirus — which means that even if you have no symptoms at all, you could potentially transmit the virus to someone else.


As we start to navigate life beyond the stay-at-home orders, it’s likely that we will need to continue to use face masks if we want to prevent continued transmission. 


The coronavirus pandemic is not an excuse for a fashion show, but as we lose our ability to communicate through smiles and visual cues with most of our face covered up, many brands are already coming up with alternative ways of making a first impression.


Can face masks be functional and fashionable? Of course, you can choose your face mask colour and design by the way the mask fastens on your face. You can protect yourself and others in style by making a statement and creating a slogan on your mask



Face masks in the workplace

It is highly likely that employers will be asked to give workers face masks when coronavirus lockdown eases. The emphasis will be placed on “non-surgical” coverings to protect the supply of higher grade face masks for NHS Staff and frontline workers.

The issue of face masks at your organisation’s point of entry presents an opportunity for you to promote your message at the same time as offering a safe distance solution in these difficult times.

Used on public transport, indoor environments, outdoor events, visits to the shops or garden centres, or just as a great addition to streetwear outfits! We are pleased to announce that we are now supplying microfiber face masks for use as you see fit.

It’s important to note that these microfiber masks are not medical-grade, and do not fully protect you from the virus. They can, however, help reduce the spread of the virus by those who are asymptomatic and offer incremental protection against liquid particles. Overall, a mask is better than no mask.



Available in a wide choice of plain colours and pre-printed patterns our full range can be seen on our website https://jc-leisure.com/product-category/accessories/face-masks/ or alternatively our design team can help create a design for you incorporating your logo and/or message.