Kids Summer Camp – How to incorporate your wristbands.

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s almost time for the kids to enjoy their summer holidays! Camp coordinators are beginning to plan their schedules to prepare for the influx of children and teenagers during peak season. The youth participate in many social activities over the summer, including camps, field trips water parks and zoos. This is where wristbands become an essential product purchase to help organise and classify children while at camp!

We’ve come up with some ideas on how you can use your wristbands this summer:

Swimming Ability Categorisation

A colour-coded wristband system is a great way to identify children by their swimming ability and help keep them safe in the pool. Many summer camps have a swimming centre or some form of swimming facility so purchasing brightly coloured Tyvek, vinyl or plastic wristbands would be a great option, especially as these are durable and water-resistant. The traffic-light system also works great in this case, with green symbolising good swimmers and red identifying those who struggle to keep afloat on their own.

Creating Memories

There is no doubt that summer camps leave a lasting impression on children, whether it’s there first time away from home or their first experience with a big group of new friends. What better way to capture this memory than with a customised wristband? In comparison to a school leaver’s hoody or t-shirt, a customised wristband displaying the camp name, date and logo just adds that personalised touch – a lovely keepsake idea that can spark discussion among friends and family.

Allergy & Dietary requirements

Wristbands are a discreet and easy way to help identify children who suffer from a dietary allergy. You can also incorporate different coloured wristbands to represent different needs, and wristbands can be personalised with contact information in case of an emergency or if a child gets lost from the group.

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