UltimoID Thermal Wristbands

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Thermal Wristbands can be used in applications where a visual means of identification is needed like Admission Control, Age Verification, VIP Access, Group Identification, Crowd Management, Security, Event Management, Advertising and Branding.

Our UnltimoID Thermal Wristbands successfully stand out for their exceptional quality, competitive pricing and versatility. They have a tested 100% scan rate and are non-transferable, stretch resistant and tamper evident. They are also resistant to water, chlorine, hand sanitisers, soaps, sweat and alcohol.

Custom options include linear or 2D barcodes, single barcode, multiple barcodes, serial numbering, logo/artwork imprinting, and variable data printing.

• Streamlines operations with bar coding and cashless point of sale
• Helps prevent counterfeits and internal theft
• Print variable data on demand such as barcodes, dates, times, black and white pictures and other ticketing related information
• Designed for compatibility with most popular direct thermal printers
• Digitally printed bar codes are clear for high scanability and tight security
• Bar coding improves operational efficiency while preventing data entry and collection error Feature tamper-evident adhesive closure


Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Orange

• Stock size: 1 x 11 Inches (25 x 279 mm)
• Available in rolls of 250 wristbands
• Custom size also available: 1 x 10 Inches (25 x 254 mm)

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