FABTAG® Wristbands

FABTAG® Wristbands
FABTAG® Wristbands

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FABTAG® Wristbands

From £0.16p

Fabtag® is our self-locking security fabric wristband. 

Composed of high quality durable polyester Fabtag® wristbands can be woven in up to 7 different colours of your choice. 

These security wristbands are comfortable to wear and come fitted with a choice of 3 non-reusable closures

Availability and Delivery:

Min. Order 100 | Delivered in N/A
  •  Non-transferable & tamper proof
  • Fashionable collectors item
  • a fold-over plastic lock
  • A vinyl button lock
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Soft and comfortable for extended wear
  • Available woven in up to 7 colours
  • Lead time dependant on quantity and specific requirements
  • Single use lock closures
  • A standard white plastic snap lock (L-shaped band)


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