School Trip Wristbands

If you’re planning a school trip, you need to think practically. Everyone must understand that it can be quite stressful taking a group of school children abroad. The last thing that you want is for any of the school kids to roam free in a foreign country when they are meant to be under the watchful eye of the teachers… that would be a disaster, right?

This is where we come in. We recommend buying matching security wristbands – this is a great way to ensure the safety of your students by keeping the children together and let members of the public know they are on a school trip. Wristbands can be customised with your school logo and emergency contact information should anything go wrong. You can also add important information about individual students such as their name, allergies and even their blood group.

Parents are very demanding when it comes to their most valuable and precious possessions (yes we do mean their children!) and are sure to appreciate and welcome this added layer of protection.

Why not try our Vinyl or Plastic Wristbands? These will easily stay good for 1-2 weeks, or for shorter trips you could order our robust Tyvek wristbands online and use our online design tool to create your unique product.