Here’s Where You Can get Tickets to Bestival’s Changed Festival Dates

Say what you will about Bestival, this clearly isn’t a festival afraid of making changes. You probably already know that – after all the switch in location from Isle of Wight to a new home in Lulworth, Dorset was announced just last year. But that’s not all, the legendary fest is now going to be taking place a whole month earlier. Event running DJ Rob Da Bank has apparently listened to feedback, because the next Bestival will be kicking off on August 2nd 2018 and running through to August 5th.

They’ve also gone ahead and announced next year’s theme, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your outfit ready. It should be on the ostentatious side – Bestival will be celebrating the Circus.

As summed up by Rob Da Bank: “Yes fellow Bestivalites it’s time to run away and join the Circus, Bestival style! Bearded freaks, insane acrobats, high wire daredevils, mutant jugglers and an out of control ringmaster all eager for you to join the most colourful show on earth await. And what makes this show even more unmissable is we have moved into peak season August style and will be open a month earlier than usual… so what are you waiting for?”

Plenty of Circus-style treats and events have been promised, including:

  • Art Car Night Circus Parade
  • Caravanserai flying trapeze
  • Fire eating
  • Knife throwing
  • Bearded ladies
  • The Insect Circus Museum
  • Sword swallowing
  • Hall of mirrors
  • Circus workshops

There’ll even be free haircuts. Sounds like a barrel of fun, and more will be announced soon. You should also be keeping your ears to the ground to pick up news of some of the music acts you can expect to see.

Better yet, why not get your tickets booked? They are already available for a pre-sale sign-up. If you’re interested, tickets are priced at a mere £139, plus that pesky booking fee and a refundable eco-bond. All you need to do is head to the Bestival website to stake your claim. Early bird tickets are available for £149 plus booking fees and refundable eco-bond.

So, what are you waiting for? Next year’s Bestival is going to be making the most of its new location, and the earlier spot in the British summer should (fingers tightly crossed) slash the likelihood of experiencing rain, which was always a bit of a drawback with this fest.

Bestival 2017

Bestival Areas

Part of Bestival’s fun has always revolved around its cool array of themed areas, and Bestival 2017 is going to be no exception. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect.

Ambient Forest

The Ambient Forest combines the relaxation of heading back into nature with soothing tunes from the masters of meditative sound. As you voyage from one unique woodland to the next, you’ll encounter the interactive art of Aespia Festival. With installations, paintings, sculptures, performances, music, poetry, and workshops, there’s plenty to savour as you walk through this 3D canvas.

Slow Motion

Time really will feel slowed down. Presented in partnership with Balance Magazine, Slow Motion provides Massage Therapies to keep you centred, The Transformation Station and Hair and Face & Body Art Glitter Boudoir to keep you styled, and even Hot Tubs with Bathing Under the Sky.

Cuckoo Clump

Containing the iconic Reggae Roots stage to bring you the latest reggae, from ska, rock, dub, dancehall and junglist riddims, Cuckoo Clump boasts its own sandy beach. You can also experience the surreal and absurdist world of Club DaDa.

Colour Field

Containing the world’s largest bouncy castle, Colour Field offers the world’s largest bouncy castle. Oh, and did we mention that it’s home to the world’s largest bouncy castle? The Bollywood tent is here, a venue that DJs beg to play in year on year. It also contains the famous Bestival Temple, which delivers spectacular aerial displays, ferocious pyrotechnics, and high-tech laser shows.

And don’t forget the world’s largest bouncy castle.

Love-Bot Park

Love-Bot Park contains three incredible stages: The Box, Invaders of the Future, and HMS Bestival. Of course, what’s going to capture your attention is the eight-meter-tall Love-Bot sending good vibes out across the Bestival community. Cool. And at night: Night Parades!

The Lawn

The Lawn is where you come to chill out and savour some delicious food courtesy of The Feast Collective. There’s also a fantastic children’s area with cardboard castle, workshops, face painting, magicians, and (not the world’s largest but still nice) bouncy castle.

The Castle Field

Bringing a full cast of heavy hitters, The Castle Field is where you’ll find the Sunday night finale and the Castle Fireworks Finale. If you’re feeling a spiritual connection to the tunes around you, maybe make a beeline to the kooky Bestival Inflatable Church?


Last but not least, Caravanserai, is a world of vintage caravans, wurlitzers, cocktail bars, and theatrical wonders. Continental Drifts is the place to be, and Cirque Bijou will bring unmissable contemporary circus entertainment.

Bestival Feast Collective

Bad food seems to be as much a part of the festival experience as flat iPhone batteries, muddy shoes, and crowded fields, but Bestival is taking one hell of a stand to put gastronomic integrity front and centre.

It’s called the Bestival Feast Collective, and it aims to make festival food “delectable, delicious and fantastically nutritious”. A tall order indeed, if you’ll excuse the pun, but Bestival has always been one of the more wholesome UK fests, so why not bring together a wonderful cast of chefs, artisan foodsmiths, and kitchen masterminds to form the Feast Collective?

In the words of Feast Collective curator Gemma Thorogood:

“We’ve been around the world and back via the Dorset beaches to find the most delicious food the fields can offer for this year’s Feast Collective, from Taiwanese Bao buns made by a Brazilian/French lady duo Le Bao, to banging Vietnamese from new kids on the block Krapow! There’s new dishes to try, as well as your trusty faves to keep you coming back for more…!”

Le Rac Shack will be this year’s Feast Collective hosts, and they’ll be serving up Alpine cheese-covered treats for you to savour – that’s going to include everything from fried new potatoes to Toulouse sausage baguettes. At the same time, MC Melt and DJ Goldilocks will be headlining the FC stage to combine top tunes with top food.

And if cheese isn’t your bag, there is going to be plenty more to make your mouth water. For something a little different, why not head to Zoe’s Ghana Kitchen. For plant-based food, it should be all about Milgi. If you’re after fish and seafood, try Seadog, or for irresistible Vietnamese street food, make a beeline to Hanoi Kitchen. Further eatery experiences will be provided courtesy of:

  • Butchies: For the best fried chicken sandwich around.
  • Krapow: For vibrant and authentic Thai food.
  • Firestation Coffee: For your hit of caffeine on the morning after the night before.
  • Elephant Juice: For a smoothie or juice full of freshly-squeezed goodness.
  • Piecaramba: For pop culture pastries.
  • Shrimpy: For unique Scandinavian and British seafood.
  • Happy Maki: For giant sushi wraps.

We’re sure you get the idea: the Feast Collective is making Bestival 2017 into a foodies’s dream come true. If you’re heading to this year’s event, make sure you stop by. Your taste buds will thank you.

Bestival 2016 Review

Ever since kicking off in 2004, Bestival has stood as one of the most unique and celebrated events of the British festival season. Standing out thanks to its mix of sounds and ability to foster a sense of adventure and escapism, Bestival makes the ferry ride to the Isle of Wight seem like the start of a sojourn into another world, and the 2016 event was just as impressive as we hoped.

Things kicked off well before the first note was even sung thanks to this year’s future theme. From glitter-clad Stormtroopers to glowstick-attired spacemen and a whole host of dystopian get-ups, the crowd was an energetic mass of fireball creativity, though the festival’s top acts this year were decidedly nostalgic.

It’s a bit trite to call the headlining act the biggest draw, but The Cure, who headlined for the second time in five years, really made the main stage their own on Saturday night. Despite having to navigate their way through epic downpours and sludgy mud, the crowds packed in to enjoy the band’s phenomenal two-and-a-half-hour set. Starting off with a few lesser-known tracks from the early 90s, Robert Smith and company utterly engaged with bouncy bass numbers like In Between Days and crowd-winners such as Friday, I’m in Love and Boys Don’t Cry.

The other most talked-about act at this year’s Bestival was The Human League, who took to the Big Top tent on Sunday night. Philip Oakey, Susan Ann Sulley, and Joanne Catherall delivered rousing renditions of Mirror Man and Tell Me When, then bought things to a stunning peak with the infamous Don’t You Want Me.

Then there was the much-publicised headline sound-clash between Sean Paul and Wiz Khalifa. Khalifa‘s battery of hip-hop classics turned on the crowd, but it was Sean Paul who people couldn’t stop talking about when Bestival had wrapped up for another year. The Jamaican superstar electrified with hit dancehall tracks such as Gimme The Light and She Doesn’t Mind.

The arenas were up to scratch this year, though more than a little disappointment was levelled at the overhyped Spaceport Stage. Meant to be a renovated version of The Port to fit around this year’s futuristic theme, the Spaceport didn’t quite live up to expectations, though it was closed perfectly by Fat Boy Slim.

Bestival 2016 turned out to be a place for old stars to shine. We’re definitely thinking that similar acts will be booked for next year, and we just can’t wait.

Bestival Camplight Program

Ask most people what their favourite part of attending a festival is, and you’re unlikely to hear anyone waxing poetic about pitching their tent. Bestival has always been a forward-thinker, and they’ve stayed true to form by developing the CampLight program. When you show up on the Isle of Wight this year, you’ll have the option to pre-book a pre-pitched tent that will be ready and waiting by the time you arrive.

That means no messing around with tent-pegs or squatting down in the mud before you can start enjoying yourself, and you can leave your own tent at home or skip the expense of buying a new one. With simple pop ups for one or two and tents that can accommodate as few as one or as many as nine, there’s bound to be an option to fit your needs.

For added convenience, you can opt for a package deal that provides a roll mat and sleeping bag along with the tent itself. Still not satisfied? Try booking one of the following extras:

  • Phone Charging Device: A USB charge device will let you top up your phone’s battery from the tent. You have it all weekend, and one of the Bestival team members will recharge it and bring it back if ever you drain the battery.
  • Shower in a Bag: If you start to feel a little ripe after a day or two of dancing, jut use this kit’s special body wash and shampoo to give yourself a wash in your tent.
  • Storage Tent: Need some extra room for all your stuff? No problem, just add a storage tent.
  • Travel John: This pocket size portable urinal can be used with ease by both girls and boys. Silica gel crystals in the bag soak up and disinfect urine.
  • Flag Pole: Nothing’s worse than losing your tent in the crowd. Just bring your own distinguishing flag and then fit it to the pole provided.
  • Camp Chair: Whether the ground is wet from mud or the sun is shining down on you, we bet you’ll appreciate having some comfy camping chairs to sink into.

If you’re travelling with a couple of friends who are bringing a tent of their own, there’s no need to worry about getting separated. Just add a guest pitch to reserve a patch of ground right next to your own Camplight spot.

Bestival 2016 Locations

Running from September 8th to 11th, 2016’s Bestival promises to be one of the most engaging and entertaining yet, and the future theme is set to distinguish it even further from the average. As with every Bestival event, you’ll be able to explore eight separate locations, each with its own unique vibe and theme.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s going to be on offer.

The Ambient Forest

The lush stand of trees that makes up the Ambient Forest is home to the enchanted Amphitheatre. Finding yourself there during the day will mean taking in gig-theatre, sketch comedy, sketches, songs and dance-theatre. Head there at night for the music.

Slow Motion

Anyone looking for a tranquil retreat during their time at Bestival should set their compasses for Slow Motion. Situated serenely at the top of the hill, you’ll take in views across the rolling grass. In the words of Rob da Bank himself, “now there’s a way of refuelling your mind and body before the next Bestival adventure.”

Magic Meadow

The Magic Meadow is where you head if you want to be blown away. It plays host to the Sunday night Spectacular, and this year’s event will be a Purple Rave to pay tribute to Prince.

Bollywood Field

The Bollywood Tent has been a Bestival favourite ever since the event kicked off in 2004. Walk inside this intricately coloured tent to find the finest cocktails around and music from some of the country’s top DJs.

Stardust Field

Stardust Field is where you’ll experience the biggest names of the festival on the legendary Main Stage. Set against Robin Hill’s rolling hills, it’s the perfect venue. You’ll also find the notorious Club Dada here.

The Spaceport

The Spaceport represents the next step forward in sound and vision, and it’s centred around an immense 20-meter rocket.

Temple Island Stage

Temple Island is Bestival’s church of dance. Overseen by The Physical Network, this location features all-out partying during every night of the festivities. Last year’s Temple Island was non-stop, and we’re expecting nothing less from 2016.

Grassy Hill

Grassy Hill is home to two things that you definitely won’t want to miss out on. The first is the colossal Love-Bot, an intriguing interactive art installation that comes alive when you show it some love. The second is Bestival’s colourful Carnival Parade, which will bring you troupes inspired by both heaven and hell.

Bestival Soundclash 2016, Wiz Khalifa & Sean Paul

Bestival’s fusion of globally-renowned headline acts with a high-energy festival scene has quickly helped to make it one of the UK’s most intensely popular events, and this year’s Bestival is going to head to whole new heights.

In fact, they’ve just announced that Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul will headline on Sunday night to bring the festival to an awe-inspiring climax. Perhaps inspired by the Red Bull Culture Clash, Bestival will be making hip-hop meet dancehall for a head to head shakedown between these two huge names of urban music. This soundclash should be something to remember, and there doesn’t seem to be anyone whose heart hasn’t started pumping harder and faster after hearing the news.

Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul have both taken to the idea in style. Sean Paul was ready to let us know that: “I’ve heard the grand finale on the Sunday night is the best festival spot in the UK and I’m gonna bring the fyyyaahhh.” Khalifa was no less ecstatic: “Can’t wait to be back in the UK and perform at Bestival. The fans here have such good energy, it’s going to be lit.”

In all honesty though, nobody seems quite as thrilled by the idea of the Bestival soundclash as Rob da Bank himself.

“We love a big finale at Bestival,” he said, “we also love hip-hop and dancehall and a massive soundsystem super clash between Wiz Khalifa and Sean Paul seems like a solid plan to close off another big weekend of music, of raving, partying and expanding your minds at Bestival.”

And why not?

This soundclash is more or less a UK festival first, so Bestival are about to step boldly into the great unknown. Pretty fitting really when you consider this year’s futuristic fancy dress theme. Rob has let us know that this will be “a Bestival unlike any other”, featuring “futuristic new stages … from every decade and every genre.”

The Cure, Major Lazer, and Hot Chip will also be headlining on the Isle of Wight this year, and we’ve just heard that Glass Animals and Crystal Fighters have also been added to the bill. Sunday night will see Khalifa and Sean Paul as the biggest draw, but you should also check out Purple Rave; Rob, Tayo and a number of other DJs will be performing an audio-visual tribute to Prince.


Guide to Bestival

Bestival is a sprawling four-day event that just won ‘Best Major Festival’ at the 2015 UK Festival Awards, so expect 2016’s to be more popular than ever.

This might be one of the world’s friendliest festivals, but, with eight separate areas, there’s a lot to see and do.  If you’re voyaging out to the Isle of Wight for the next Bestival, you’ll want to know exactly what you’re stepping into so you can get your bearings right away.

Ambient Forest

The Ambient Forest is nestled amongst luxuriant trees, playing host to a feast of follies by day and plenty of fun by night. You’ll find The Amphitheatre beneath its canopy, where you will be able to catch anything from sketch comedy to dance-theatre while the sun is up.

Slow Motion

Resting at the top of the hill with rolling grass on all sides, Slow Motion is the perfect place for a tranquil chill-out session. Check out the Caravanserai to see the wares of artists, gypsies, and beatniks, or hang out with your children at the Kid’s Field.

Magic Meadow

Magic Meadow is the venue for Bestival’s Sunday Night Spectacular, when the night sky is brought to glorious life by a cornucopia of dazzling fireworks. You’ll also be able to grab a bite at The Feast Collective.

Bollywood Field

A favourite since the first event back in 2004, the intricately hand-stitched tent of Bollywood Field has played host to names such as Fatboy Slim and hello Disclosure, and its where you’ll find the finest cocktails in the land.

Stardust Field

Here you’ll find the Main Stage, where the biggest names play to thousands each night against the backdrop of rolling hills. Stardust Field is also home to The Big Top, Bestival’s genre-busting second largest stage, and the celebrated Club Dada.

The Spaceport

Centred around a 20-meter rocket, The Sportport offers a state of the art db audio array processing sound system and unique visual effects to promote next-level partying

Temple Island

Temple Island is Bestival’s very own Church of Dance. Its tiered stadium vibe is home to the best raves around.

Grassy Hill

Grassy Hill is famous for the Love-Bot, an astounding work of interactive art that provides the healthiest vibes you’ll find. He comes alive when someone shows him a little love. If you don’t come to Grassy Hill for Love-Bot, make sure you come for Bestival’s Carnival Parade.