8 Festival Essentials to Pack This Summer

8 Festival Essentials to Pack If You’re Heading to Any Music Event This Summer

Festival season is finally upon us, bringing with it the promise of long summer nights spent chilling in campsites and roaring for your top acts. That said, there’s still a little preparation that needs taking care of before you head out.

For starters, make sure you pack these festival essentials.


Keeping style on-point after pouring rain and ferocious raving is the mark of a true festival pro, and it all starts with packing smart. Head to Boots for lip and cheek stain to highlight your cheek bones and add a splash of colour. Add some tinted moisturiser to prevent breakouts and caked-on foundation.

Four-Man Tent

You could go for a smaller tent, but that precludes midnight gatherings and makes for some cramped sleeping conditions. Argos sell a great range starting at just £14.99; the ProAction 5 Man Dome Tent is our personal pick of the litter.


Wet wipes are worth their weight in gold – you can remove makeup and give yourself an ersatz shower. Next up, long-lasting deodorant and some sunscreen. Superdrug and Boots are ideal.

Rain Jacket

The UK hosts some of the best festivals in the world, plus some of the wettest weather. Pack a cheapy rain mac with a hood. You should be able to find one for £4 at ASDA.

Sleeping Bag

Don’t forget this one if you want to stay warm and sleep well. No need to splash out for a four-season expedition bag – a simple £10 job from Argos is fine for hitting a fest. Avoid feather sleeping bags, because they’re very hard to get dry.

Flannel Pillow

You’d be amazed how many people remember the sleeping bag and forget the pillow. Unless you fancy propping your head up on your wellies, grab a Eurohike flannel pillow from Millets.


Wellies are essential, and kinda part of the whole festival-chic look. Most importantly, mud and grime will pull your trainers to pieces and freeze your feet if you aren’t completely protected. Try looking in Blacks or Millets for a decent pair. These will last, so think of them as an investment for future events.

Portable Charger

Maybe 10 years ago this would sound ridiculous, but that was before videoing your favourite acts and posting to Facebook and Twitter was part of the fun. Not much worse than being stuck at 1% with no help in sight.