The Impact of Charity Wristbands In Fundraising

Covid-19 has had a major impact on all organisations, both at a personal level and professionally. Charities have particularly suffered as a result of the pandemic due to the major fundraising events they rely so heavily on being cancelled. It was estimated by ‘Charity Finance’ that over the course of the past 12 weeks charities would miss out on over £4b due to these cancellations. Cancer Research UK, The Children’s Society and Sue Ryder are some of the charities sounding the alarm about the scale of the challenge charities face, finding themselves in a difficult position to continue operating and providing society the support it requires.

One effective way to continue raising funds is to create a unique design and message on a fabric or silicone wristband. This allows charities to develop a tangible brand, showcasing the name of their charity and the valuable cause it supports. At JC Leisure we encourage charities to get in touch with those businesses that are open (e.g. retailers, supermarkets, garages), and ask them if they will allow you to sell your personalised charity wristbands through their outlet. So, what key factors do charities need to consider?

Make sure you select the right size for your charity wristbands!

When picking the correct size Charity Wristband from JC leisure you need to take into consideration your target audience, who will be wearing your charity wristband? For example, if your target audience are both adults and children, don’t worry! We offer different size wristbands to ensure you cater for all ages and increase the reach of your special cause.

How to portray your unique cause!

When customizing your charity wristbands, you need to take in into consideration your charity’s identity. Charity wristbands provide valuable advertising space that you should capitalise on. We recommend including your social media links and website address in the design to encourage ongoing marketing and support for your charity.

How do I price a wristband?

It is commonly known that the most popular price point is £1 per wristband. Bearing this in mind, if you ordered 1000 Plain Silicone wristbands from JC Leisure, this would total at 18p per wristband meaning you have the potential to make 82p profit! There is fantastic margin to be made through fundraising.

If your charity is seeking quality, affordable wristbands to continue raising funds, please contact us at or call 01482 804514. We are here to help you help others and will also happily promote your unique causes through our social media outlets.