The lowdown on Lanyards

A lanyard is a strap or cord that is designed to be worn around the neck and has a clip or hook attached.

We’re finding that an increasing number of companies are now required to distribute lanyards to their employees in order to display photo identification. As a result, we are seeing increase in demand for the use of lanyards.

What’s so good about lanyards?

Lanyards not only hold badges, they can also hold ID’s or even keys without attaching anything to clothing. They are also a popular must-have item for holding access badges at trade shows or conferences.

How can lanyards be used every day?

  1. Corporate Offices
    In any large corporate offices, such as law firms and financial companies, they tend to keep a supply of lanyards with visitor ID badges at the front reception area. This is useful for initially identifying visitors, a vital first step to ensuring company and employee security.
  2. Event Staff
    Staff that work backstage at events, concerts or even football games need to ensure they have special badges that allow them to access those select areas. Lanyards are ideal for this situation because individuals can easily be identified with a quick flash of their ID badge, allowing them to get on with the job!
  3. Universities and Colleges
    Remember your first day at university or college? Every student lines up to get the dreaded photo taken for their ID that this will last them for the next 4 years. Universities and colleges across the country use lanyards for this every year, that’s millions of impressions for your brand year after year.
  4. Hospitality
    Hotel, resort, housekeeping, bar and maintenance staff will all understand the importance of having quick admittance to controlled areas when at work. This is much more efficient when multiple access keys and entry cards can be attached to lanyards and kept on-hand at all times.

Customised Lanyards:
Our bespoke screen-printed lanyards are perfect for staff ID cards, event staff and volunteers and can be printed on one or both sides with colour matching if needed.

Customised lanyards like this make a great promotional item due to their low cost and high visibility, increasing brand awareness for your company or event.