UK Freshers’ Week Wristbands

It’s almost that time of year when students across the country make the big migration to University. The first week away from home can be a bit of a whirlwind for students, full of high riding emotions, meeting loads of new people and settling into a new home without the comfort blanket of the parents.

The one essential of freshers’ week has to be the iconic fresher’s wristband. This can be purchased before or upon arrival and allows students to have access to all the amazing day and night events on offer across their city of choice.

So, what type of wristbands are a good fit for freshers’ week?

This is our forte. You will need to consider your budget but also think about the consequences and losses you could incur if your wristbands are easy to remove or forge. We highly recommend a customised wristband as this is the easiest way to ensure your design will not be duplicated and it’s the best way to promote your event. Here at JC Leisure, our Fabric and Tyvek wristbands have tamper-evident closures so you can rest assured that you will not lose out on revenue.

Fabric Wristbands – the ideal wristband for a week of partying, a premium quality wristband that will outlive the occasion as a keepsake and a little reminder about all the antics that go on during the week of freshers! Fabric wristbands can be woven in up to seven colours of your choice which means you can create an eye-catching custom design for your event. Fabric wristbands are definitely the most popular choice for freshers’ event organisers.

Tyvek Wristbands – Perhaps you are hosting a one-off night club event during freshers’ week, then you may be better off looking for an economic single-use option for wristbands. Tyvek wristbands (aka paper wristbands) are waterproof, tear resistant, easy to put onto the wrist and comfortable to wear. These wristbands would be ideal to distribute on entry to your event, allowing you to monitor numbers and venue capacity. Our full colour printed Tyvek wristbands allow you to display your event logo or whichever design you wish to be represented on the wristband.

You can even use our online design tool to create your custom printed Tyvek wristband with your own event logo, slogan or message.

If you’re planning an event for Freshers Week and you need some inspiration for designing your own Freshers Week wristbands, take a look at the ones we have available on our website