Virtual Reality – The Future of Live Events?

Virtual reality is having a real impact on the event industry. The last few years have seen an explosion of VR into the mainstream, which means we can now experience all the joys of live music from the comfort of our own living rooms, the true ‘best seat in the house’.

You might be asking, what makes VR so special? Why can’t we just watch this on TV?

These live streaming events allow you to be completely absorbed in the concert, a full 360 experience. A place where you can access your favourite artist without the hindrances of such things like queuing for a drink or back row seats.

Some may argue that technology can never fully replicate a live concert, which to some extent holds true. The sensory experience, with a wristband placed tightly on your wrist, the sweaty venue and deafening screams from the person behind you, this can only truly be appreciated right there.

Venues such as the 02, NEC and Alexandra Palace are some of the first to hold live stream concerts. This can be watched by fans through the Melody VR app where you can even choose your place in the crowd for 15% off the original ticket price. So, if you’re a Kasabian, Post Malone or Niall Horan fan (just to name a few) then this could be a great option if you miss out on tickets for the next tour!

Futurelands, the world’s first VR festival launched last year. With four hours of live entertainment spread across the virtual festival grounds. I can imagine this was absolutely mind-blowing.

So, who knows what the future holds for VR? Immersive technologies appear to have a unique ability to drive a deeper connection with the audience, which will no doubt make a huge impact on the event scene in the future.

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