It will come as no surprise to guests if they turn up at a bar or nightclub and are given a wristband upon entry. Wristbands have various uses within the events industry, here are three reasons why you should be utilising these products at your own venue!


Age Verification

Colour-coded wristbands are a great and cost-effective method of immediately identifying someone who is underage. This is an essential step for any bar/nightclub. Simply ensure the wristband is given to anybody entering the premises who is over the age of 18, this not only makes it easier for bouncers to identify eligible visitors but also could be essential for bar staff who should only serve people wearing the age verified wristband. You could even customise the wristbands with your company logo, event name, or whatever you fancy.



Monitoring Venue Capacity

Does your venue have a maximum capacity for guests? If so, wristbands are an excellent way of controlling the number of people who enter/exit. This is also a great way to ensure security, with paying customers, DJs and organisers being easily identifiable by their brightly coloured wristbands. Unlike hand stamps which are easily transferred, wristbands are a non-transferrable accessory. Worried about customers removing/transferring their bands? Vinyl wristbands are a comfortable, non-reusable solution with a secure snap lock.



Keeping Tabs

Are you hosting an event which requires a bar tab? Are certain guests entitled to a few free drinks? Our tabbed wristbands come with easy tear-off redemption tabs. The tabs are ideal for promotions and controlling the issue of drinks. These are also a great substitute for paper drinks vouchers, which can easily be misplaced. You could even use these products to promote your event by customising the wristbands with your own unique brand, with a variety of colours available there’s a wristband to suit every event!